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Make a Bead Fringe

1 String two seed beads onto thread, add flower, leaf, holiday or decorative beads

1.a If you have a bead with a horizontal hole like this leaf bead, add two more seed beads after pulling thread through hole. ( 1.b) Pull the needle through next bead on wire.

2 For a verticle hole; String 2 seed beads, verticle hole (flower) bead and tiny bead on thread, bring needle up through beads, pass the needle back through flower and seed beads. Continue adding fringe along length of wire until you run out of thread.

Your fringe should look something like this


Secure Your Thread
Make half hitch knots as you work along the wire or on your decorative beads (flowers, leafs, etc). This will prevent beads from falling off if your bracelet or necklace breaks, it will also help to stregthen your stitches.


Supply List

Czech Seed Beads
Delica Seed Beads
Decorative Beads
Clasps and Needles
Bead Stopper
Skull Beads
Holiday Beads
Czech Beads
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